antique mirrored dressing tableThe dressing table has always been a central part of the bedroom. It’s undergone multiple changes in its history, sometimes being little more than a solidly built, functional unit that’s as basic and practical as possible. Often, it has been the decorative centerpiece in many bedrooms of the UK. One type of dressing table that’s hard to ignore is the mirrored variety. Ornate and captivating, this dressing table ranks high in the ‘style-meter’, and has the potential to single-handedly transform any room into a glamorous space. It’s bright, mirrored surface instantly brightens the room, and you won’t need much else to make a statement about your bedroom.

One of the most exciting things about using mirrored furniture is that it is goes very well with all other styles. You could be thinking that your bedroom has the most traditional look you’ve seen in recent times, but when you add a mirrored dressing table, this look will be refined. And so it is with every décor style: modern, contemporary, chic, transitional, antique, vintage, country or French. There’s a catch, though. It’s not as simple as picking the first mirror dresser you see and bringing it into the bedroom. If that was the case, no designer would bother putting so much work into getting the design, shape, height and other features right. If anything, all mirrored dressings tables would look the same. But this isn’t so, and it can only mean there’s a formula to getting the perfect mirror dresser. It’s not exactly a complicated, science-like undertaking but it does require you to be open-minded about style.

How to Choose the Best Mirrored Dressing Table
There are several important things that determine how suitable the dressing table you’re looking at is.  The most important is the size. Mirrored bedroom vanity in the UK available in a broad range of sizes. There are compact units meant to squeeze into tiny apartments and mid-size dressers that can go into most rooms. Then there are those dressers on the other extreme end of size, the big and extra-large dressers. Placing a mirrored dresser of the wrong size in a room takes away whatever aesthetic appeal the dresser had, and suddenly, instead of the eyes and mind acknowledging the fine furniture that’s been brought in, they’re struggling to figure out why all of a sudden there’s confusion in the room.

modern mirrored dressing tableUse the general rules of proportion to get it right: big dressers go into big rooms and small dressers are for small rooms. Do this and you won’t have to deal with the awkward look of a small dresser in a big room or big dresser in a tiny room. In bedrooms that are neither small nor overly big, the rules can be broken a little. Often, these rooms will be enhanced by a slightly bigger or smaller dresser.

Think of the other furniture in the room too. Will this dresser fit in if you put the bed, wardrobe, bedside tables and other furniture you may require? Also, how does the dresser size compare to the sizes of the other furniture? Try to keep the sizes as close as possible, to avoid a situation where your dresser overshadows everything else. Or has a comic, miniature appearance when the surrounding furniture is bulky. If you’re buying a bedroom set size won’t be a problem. But if you’re buying each piece separately, it needs to be factored in. When you get the size right, the mirrored dressing table with stool will look like it was designed just for your bedroom.

Style and design – The style and design of your mirrored toilet table deserves a special mention. As much as we would like to think of the dressing table as a functional furniture piece (and it is), it’s also decorative. It contributes enormously to the room’s overall style. To enhance your room’s style, therefore, you must be selective about which dresser you buy. Fortunately, the range of designs to choose from is inexhaustible. From fancy designs in trendy shapes that sit well with modern décor, elegant designs fit for a royal court, elaborate designs that embody the traditional atmosphere to simple designs that bring out the minimalist look, there is a design to suit every bedroom.

The dresser may also be made in a traditional, modern, country or transitional style. There are also antique-style and vintage-style mirrored dressing tables. Each of these styles has a unique personality and creates a different impression in the room. Pick the style that best represents you. Or the one that complements the style you’ve adopted in the room. If you’ve used a modern theme, a modern mirrored vanity table is the natural choice to get a look that’s synchronized. Sometimes though, you’ll get more vivid results when the dresser is made in a different style from the one in which you’ve decorated the room. Like an antique mirrored dresser in a modern style bedroom. Use your ingenuity to decide if this look would work in your bedroom.

beautiful mirrored dressing tableFunctionality – The dresser is designed to make grooming easy. But it’s often also used for storage. If you could do with some extra storage room, choose a dresser with multiple drawers. Some dressing tables have only one or two drawers. Some have more drawers, while others will even have a cabinet to supplement the drawers. This last option is more versatile and allows you to store a greater number of assorted items.

Materials and durability – While a mirrored dressing table wouldn’t be classified as heavy-duty furniture, it nevertheless should be sturdy enough for you to extract years of use without wear or it coming apart. The only way to ensure you get this is to choose a dresser that has been excellently crafted using quality materials. Choose a finish that’s complementary to the room décor.

Where to shop – There are many leading and reliable furniture stores selling beautiful creations, like Mirrored World, Argos, Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair, and Tesco Direct also has a few mirrored piece among others.

To conclude
If you get only one chance to buy a mirrored piece of furniture, make that piece a dressing table. Its glamorous appearance fits in well with its expected function in the dressing room, and its appealing aesthetics are style-enhancing.