No bedroom is ever entirely complete without a dresser. Get your money’s worth by choosing a dressing table with mirror, as this then eliminates the need to acquire a mirror separately, because, let’s face it: what’s the bedroom without a mirror? Even though the primary purpose of the mirror is to facilitate grooming, it’s an excellent accent for bouncing light back to the room, and therefore, enhancing lighting. When placed at a strategic place – think next to or under the window – your dresser mirror will create depth and make the room more spacious. What if you already have a dresser that you love, the only downside being that it doesn’t have a mirror? Many of the modern dressing table mirrors on sale can be attached to existing dressers. Confirm whether this is possible with the mirror you want to buy so that you’re still able to use your old dresser.

The variety of dressing tables with mirrors is wide and diverse. Designers avail all kinds of designs to suit different home styles and varied individual style tastes. There are designs of dressing tables with mirrors that are suited for traditional-styled bedrooms. Others are designed to complement contemporary bedrooms, and still others work well with a range of bedroom styles.

For a modern/contemporary bedroom, the best dressing tables are those with clear glass mirrors. Pick mirrors in simple designs to highlight the minimalist modern décor theme. Frameless mirrors fit well into the whole minimalism concept and will create a sensational look in the bedroom.

In a traditional bedroom, go for dressing table mirrors in elaborate designs and shapes. Curved mirrors supported in ornate frames are the best choice. Gold or silver rimmed frames give the mirror an extravagant look which echoes the traditional look perfectly.

For transitional themed bedrooms, dresser mirrors with a distressed finish on the frame are a good option. The dressing table itself can be clearly designed in a traditional style or a modern one. It is this combination of the old and the new that gives transitional design its nostalgic appeal. Mirrors with clear gothic, art deco, French style or abstract themes also work well for this look.

One of the aspects that make dressing tables with mirrors enchanting is the variety of mirror shapes available. Oval mirrors, rectangular mirrors, square mirrors, round mirrors, oblong mirrors and abstract mirrors are all interesting options that can be attached to a dressing table. Pick the mirror in a shape that complements your bedroom style.

Now, all that’s left is for you to ensure that your dressing table blends with everything else in the room. If you’ve used a lot of metal accents or furniture, a dresser with chrome, brass or bronze handles will advance the metallic feel in the room. If polished surfaces are part of what makes the bedroom distinct, choose a dressing table with a smooth polish or high gloss finish. Use textures to create a beautiful contrast in the room; a distressed dressing table next to a painted or polished wardrobe and bed makes for a captivating look.