Mirrored furniture continues to enjoy wide popularity, with many people now opting to incorporate a little of mirrored furniture here and there for an elegant look. In the bedroom, one of the finest mirrored pieces you can go for is a dressing table. Get the trendiest look by choosing from one of the modern mirrored dressing tables on offer.

Modern versus other styles
You have modern mirrored dressing tables on one hand and other style on the other. How do the two differ? The first and most conspicuous factor is the style. The design of the modern dressing table is rather simplistic but sleek looking and elegant. Designs made with a tinge of contemporary style are minimalist, devoid of the elaborate curves and detailing of more classic dressing tables. If you’re aiming to make a statement about your contemporary décor style, you won’t find a better item to showcase this than a modern dresser.

modern mirrored dressing tableThe other major difference between modern mirrored dressing tables and other styles is in the finish. Both mirror and frame finishes are artsy, with options ranging from distressed wood to polished, high gloss and textured mirror. Some designers create interest by contrasting the texture of the mirror with that of the frame. You may find an unfinished wood frame supporting a high gloss mirror surface or an embossed mirror framed by smooth metal. Ensure that the dressing table finish you pick complements your room décor so that the dresser does not stand out in an unsightly manner.

Modern dressing tables come in a wider choice of materials compared to other dressing tables. Solid wood, wood veneers, MDF, aluminium, steel, iron and glass are all used to make different designs of modern dressing tables. The greater material variety means you’ll easily find a dresser that matches your bedroom furniture.

You have more colour options to choose from. If you can’t stand another brown or black dressing table, say hello to modern dressing table colours. Metallic tones are very popular, with silver, gold, chrome and bronze being top choices across all age groups. White, red, grey and green are other popular colour choices available. Coloured mirror further broadens the variety of colours available, and is another option you could consider.

Practical uses
Just because you’ve bought a modern mirrored dressing table does not mean you need to replace your existing bedroom furniture. The only thing to ensure is that everything blends so that there is harmony across the room. However, should you come across a distinctly beautiful mirrored dressing table, there’ll be no harm in making it the room’s centrepiece. The dresser will then set the tone of the room, and you can pick furniture and bedroom accents that complement it.

Leave your modern dresser bare or anchor it with a mirror. A large mirror will give the bedroom an airy and spacious look. It’s also good to place your mirrored dressing table next to a light source so that it can reflect the light back to the room. Under the window is the natural best placement area but if this isn’t possible in your case, place it next to a light fixture.